Serpentine Swimming Club

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  • 15 Jun 2024

    Brian Thomas repeated his success of 27 years ago, and won the Jock Fee cup for a second time.

    In 1997 the cup was presented by Peter Saunders.  2024 saw the silverware presented by George Cselko and all four of his girls.

    Second home was Simone Piccoli, followed by Matt McKeown, John Craske and Boris Mavra.

    Plus, photographer Anthony Wood captured our new club champion Katie Irvine trying her best to prove water really can be walked-on.

  • 08 Jun 2024

    The final leg of the five race club championship series fell foul of the blue-green algae last Saturday.  To make amends on behalf of the club, the Adams family agreed that their normally handicapped race be a scratch affair.

    In 1973 women were able to become associate members.  In 1985 women were able to join as full members.  Thirtynine years on, and we now have our very first woman club champion -  the unrelenting kenetic dynamo that is Katie Irvine.

  • 06 Jun 2024

  • 25 May 2024

    No race today, so here are some club memories