Member updates

Member updates are shared on this website, our Facebook group (for members and alumni only), and on Twitter.

General public enquiries

Most enquiries tend to be about information that is already published on this website. We invite you to browse through the pages and soak up our rich content. For any other enquiries, please email the Club Secretary using the link below.

Please note that the Club is run by volunteers and that responding times can vary.

Membership officer: Ilyan Kovatchev

Club Secretary: Laure Latham

Webmaster: Nick Adams

Media enquiries

Please refer to our Media Information page.

Welfare & Safeguarding: Children

The Serpentine Swimming Club is committed to a club environment in which all children (under 18s) participating in its activities have a safe and positive experience. 

You can reach our Welfare Officers, Sakura Hingley and Norman Jones via the club Hon. Secretary.