2024 Deirdre Ward races for the 1868 Captains cup

17 Feb 2024

John Tierney powered purposefully to take the prized pewter.

This was the first leg of the four race Emmi Hunte series -  February 55 yards (50m), March 110 yards (100m), August 880 yards (800m), and October 100 yards (91m).

2024 Deirdre Ward races for the 1868 Captains cup

2024 Ros Young scratch races

10 Feb 2024

The Club Championship is decided by a series of five races during winter, spring and summer over varying distances as the water warms up.  This process identifies not just the fastest of the Serpentine swimmers but also a champion who competes in all weathers and temperatures.

Members are eligible for the club championship after competing in at least four championship races.

After today, the other dates in the Championship Series are:

2 March, 100m (110 yards)

30 March, 200m (220 yards)

20 April, 400m (440 yards)

1 June, 800m (880 yards)

2024 Ros Young scratch races

2024 Mike Small cup

03 Feb 2024

A six race series for a trophy crafted to Mike Small's own specifications -  one arm and a wonky leg.

Niklas Ahman first.  Others in the mix for points and generous prizes provided by Andy and Bill Deeley:

2nd Heather Miller

3rd Paul (the hat) Atherton

4th John Reid

5th Norman Jones

6th Mary Olivari

The crowd were also in fine voice whilst singing "Happy Birthday" to Anne Mannix and George Cselko.  Cake was consumed.

2024 Mike Small cup

2024 Mike Small series commencement

30 Dec 2023

One arm and a wonky base -  a trophy hand crafted by club silversmith Bill Phipps in honour and "reflection" of Mike Small, to specifications drawn up by the great man himself.

2024 Mike Small series commencement

2024 Membership

26 Dec 2023

Contrary to what was stated on the radio, membership of the Serpentine Swimming Club is strictly following these simple rules.

2023 Christmas Day Race

25 Dec 2023

Sixty-one club members took part in the160th Christmas Day swim, with all eyes on the prize that was the 2023 Peter Pan cup.  Sarah Legrand overcame keen competition for her first win in a Serpentine race.  And what a race to win!

Water 9.3c; air 12c.   Was this the warmest Peter Pan race ever?

2023 Christmas Day Race

23Dec23 non race

23 Dec 2023

The prize -  a squashed Mini Mars Bar to first home President Rob

23Dec23 non race

Qualified swimmers for the Christmas Day 2023 handicap race for the Peter Pan cup.

18 Dec 2023

The final start list for the Christmas Day race 2023 is published below. Only the pre-qualified swimmers named on the list will be allowed to race.

As always, the race will start at 9 am sharp. If you wish to view the race, please try and arrive by 08:30 as, judging by recent years, the bankside tends to be full of spectators.

Thank you.

2023 Winter Series final

16 Dec 2023

Seven Saturdays of the Bob Kelly Winter Series culminated on the 16th December with a points victory for Fran Lou.  Congratulations, speeches and hugs were the ordedr of the morning.  CNN were present to capture the event.

Plus a look back at the other six rounds of heats, commencing 4th November. 

Also, Katie Irvine scooped the Dani Lobo handicapper's award for the most competitive swimmer.

2023 Winter Series final

2023 Winter Series commences

04 Nov 2023

The first of the seven rounds of "heats" commenced on Saturday 4 November.  Victoria Hasler had the honour of winning the first race of "winter" 2023.  Points not prizes today, but big hugs to all of our heat winners.

The Bernard Fettes cup will be presented by the Kelly brothers (Sean, Duff and Jesse) at the end of the series on Saturday 16 December.

The series also acts as a qualification for the Christmas Day race for the Peter Pan cup.

2023 Winter Series commences