2024 Jock Fee Cup

15 Jun 2024

Brian Thomas repeated his success of 27 years ago, and won the Jock Fee cup for a second time.

In 1997 the cup was presented by Peter Saunders.  2024 saw the silverware presented by George Cselko and all four of his girls.

Second home was Simone Piccoli, followed by Matt McKeown, John Craske and Boris Mavra.

Plus, photographer Anthony Wood captured our new club champion Katie Irvine trying her best to prove water really can be walked-on.

2024 Jock Fee Cup

2024 Club Championship final race

08 Jun 2024

The final leg of the five race club championship series fell foul of the blue-green algae last Saturday.  To make amends on behalf of the club, the Adams family agreed that their normally handicapped race be a scratch affair.

In 1973 women were able to become associate members.  In 1985 women were able to join as full members.  Thirtynine years on, and we now have our very first woman club champion -  the unrelenting kenetic dynamo that is Katie Irvine.

2024 Club Championship final race
Paul Bridgeman team race cancelled

2024 Veterans Race and Alan Titmuss cup

18 May 2024

Liz Hurst hopped over from Holland to romp home and claim the Alan Titmuss cup, swum over 400m  in memory of a club great.

The main event was preceded by the Veterans' race for the Brew Brothers cup.  Linda Luckhurst maintained family honour and took home the trophy for the young at heart.

Four generations of the Titmuss family were present to watch proceedings.

As per last year, we had a blue and white hooped theme from the many west and north west London club members who share Alan's devotion to Queens Park Rangers Football Club.  The red and white of Arsenal was also in evidence - in the late 1940s and 1950s Alan was a regular at Highbury with his father and uncle.

2024 Veterans Race and Alan Titmuss cup

2024 Ron Whittam cup

11 May 2024

Tony (Mr Successful) Schiemann powered to victory in the Ron the Con Power cup.  So named in recognition of Ron's lifelong sport in which he continued to compete (and win) well into he 80s -  power lifting.  Body building, wrestling and a bit of boxing were also extensively dabbled.

A misty, murky start for the race gave way to spring sunshine for the presentation.  With the water almost touching 18c it seemed like spring had finally arrived.

2024 Ron Whittam cup

2024 Eric Carter Quarter for the Doug Smith cup

04 May 2024

Past president Eric Carter presented a cup in memory of D-Day veteran Doug Smith.

The water is slowly warming up and was recorded as 12.8c, but with the air temperature at 10c it felt somewhat chilly.

It was "Star Wars Day" - May the Fourth (be with you), and Hon. Secretary Laure Latham dressed for the occassion.

2024 Eric Carter Quarter for the Doug Smith cup

2024 Bill Phipps cup

27 Apr 2024

Though Hyde Park was closed to vehicles, many still braved a very cold, wet "spring" morning.

2024 Bill Phipps cup

2024 Tony Cuthbert cup

20 Apr 2024

Blue sky, but chilly water for saw Katie Irvine retain the Tony Cuthbert cup.  The air temperatute of 5c made the 11c water feel even colder on the skin.

A race remembering a great Serpentine character and author of the club anthem "In the Duck Poo".

New boy Jonny Edmondson took second place.

Sami Robertson 3rd

Alan Luckhurst 4th

Dani Lobo 5th

Deirdre Ward 6th

James Norton 7th

Many others achieved victory in the own personal battles "in the duck poo".

2024 Tony Cuthbert cup

2024 Alan Lacy breaststroke race for the Clary Reed cup

13 Apr 2024

One of the handicapper's toughest tasks of the year saw a close finish with Robin home first, followed by Fran Lou and Peter Georgio.

A greatly appreciated large turnout from the Lacy family.

The race and cup honours Alan Lacy, last of the club's WW2 generation and Clary Reed, who virtually singlehandedly kept the club going during the war years.

2024 Alan Lacy breaststroke race for the Clary Reed cup