A mile and a metre for Rosie George

24 Jul 2021

The late Nick Hungerford won the Rosie George mile + 1 metre cup.  The 1 metre is in recognition of the fact that Rosie has also swum the more difficult France to England crossing (1967) as well as England to France (on 19 July 1961).

The late Nick Hungerford is now so-called because he arrived with only five minutes to spare before his handicap start time, the handicap clock having commenced over 25 minutes earlier at  07.30.  Nick inherits this moniker from "the late Bill Deeley", who was a late arrival for races throughout the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.  The dawn of the new millennium saw a new Bill who almost always arrived with time to spare.

A mile and a metre for Rosie George

Bridge to Bridge race 2021

22 Jul 2021

On Saturday 17 July Jan Farmer won the Bridge to Bridge race, our summer blue ribbon event.  She had to fight her way through a bevy of swans to get to the finish line and claim the cup.  James Lythe was second followed by Brian Thomas, both oblivious to the avian obstacle.

A little bit of history here plus a reminiscence regarding Gerald Forsberg, an all-time long-distance great who always had a special place in his heart for the Bridge to Bridge race.

Bridge to Bridge race 2021

Stu Bowman achieves heroic fourth English Channel solo swim

20 Jul 2021

Very early this morning, the CS&PF suggested that English Channel solo swimmer Stu would be "having a whale of a time swimming alongside 'Optimist' piloted by Paul Foreman." 

And having started at 06:28:26 from Samphire Hoe, Stu's Serpie friends and family have been cheering him on all day. Stu reached France in 15 hours and 31 minutes to complete his fourth solo crossing of the Channel.

Nearing France, it appeared as if strong currents swept him past the Cap, thus adding more time to his endurance feat.   

Stu Bowman achieves heroic fourth English Channel solo swim

Jon Southey records third solo English Channel Swim

19 Jul 2021

Congratulations to Jon Southey who successfully swam solo to France.

He started at 04:19 from Abbots Cliff swimming alongside High Hopes piloted by Simon Ellis. “What better way to spend a heat wave than swimming to France!” said the CS&PF social media feed. 

Jon has now amassed an amazing three solo swims to France.  

EC 1: 24 July 2018  14:39

EC 2: 1 September 2020 14:38

EC 3: 18 July 2021 15 hours and seven minutes

Jon Southey records third solo English Channel Swim

Successful first Serps relay swim of the English Channel of 2021

17 Jul 2021

It raises the blood temperature when you hear of the first Serps’ English Channel relay of the season. 

And early on Sunday morning, a hardy team of five swimmers with a memorable team name of "5 Go Swimming" set off to swim to France.

‘Splash’ Sunday was recorded at 18 July at 04:12, and team member Ian confirms they arrived 16 and a half hopurs later at 19:42. 

Full tracking details are at the end of this aisle between the milk and the sugar. 

Successful first Serps relay swim of the English Channel of 2021

2021 Arthur Hester 1889 memorial cup

15 Jul 2021

Robert Fisher was first home, followed by John Luckhurst and Judith Charman.

Club member Bobby Baxter is the great-grandson of "Fulham lad" Arthur Hester, who won the 1889 Christmas Day race.  Arthur was a very involved club member who served on the committee in the early 1890s.  Prior to James Barrie's involvement in 1903 and the initiation of the Peter Pan cup, the winner of the Serpentine SC's Christmas morning race was presented with a gold medal.  Bobby is the custodian of this family heirloom and proudly displays the medal on the occasion of the race.

2021 Arthur Hester 1889 memorial cup

Bridge to Bridge Race 2021 Handicap list

12 Jul 2021

Welcome to the Serpentine Swimming Club.

The start list for the race is published below. Only the pre-qualified swimmers named on the list will be allowed to race. 

As always, the race will start at 7.30 am sharp at the Café (posh) at the end of the Serpentine and finish at the other end of the Serpentine by the bridge. Thank you

Andrew and the Two Ronnies cup 2021

03 Jul 2021

A bit of fixture juggling saw us race 880 yards (800m) in memory of Ron Miller, his son Andrew and the club's great friend from The Royal Albert Hall, Ron Hammill.  No speeches or prizes, so the traditional "Jones's Lucky Dip" multiple prize giving was replaced by a box of chocolates for the cup winner. 

Tim Outen was first home, followed by Chris Hatcher, Debs Byatt and Fiona Campbell.

The 4 x 50 yard Bridgeman Team race was the scheduled fixture, but it was felt the annual "cat herding" event was not suitable for the current Covid19 constraints.  Hence Norman and Lorraine nobly stepping in.  As a consequence, we will be able to hold a race on 16 October in memory of Alan Lacy, whose 2020 and 2021 races were cancelled due to the suspension of fixtures.

Poppy Lenton and Mat provided a lovely spread of individual cakes to celebrate their wedding last weekend

Andrew and the Two Ronnies cup 2021

2021 Bradshaw cup

26 Jun 2021

Saturday 26 June saw us race over 880 yards (800m) for an event that has been on the calendar for 60+ years.  Sidney and Charlie Greenbury were two of the three Greenburg brothers that joined the club in 1909.  The other was Albert, club President 1935 to 1955, whose direct descendants present the Peter Pan cup each Christmas -  Albert took over from Sir James Barrie in 1933.  A cup in memory of Tommy Bradshaw, who was already a long-standing member when the three Greenburgs joined, has been presented to the winner since 2016.

First home was Yvonne Vanderheul (aka "Squirrel"), followed by Andrew Fuller and Linda Paxton.  The Ashrafian family were out in force to present the cup.

2021 Bradshaw cup