Katherine Cselko wins the 2019 Annual Christmas Day handicap for the Peter Pan trophy

Christmas Day Race information

23 Dec 2019

Welcome to Serpentine Swimming Club.

The start list for the race is published below. Only the pre-qualified swimmers named on the list will be allowed to race. (Smartphone users will, ironically, need to click on the blue headline to view the list)

As always, the race will start at 9 am sharp. If you wish to view the race, please try and arrive by 08:30 as, judging by recent years, the bankside tends to be full of spectators.

Thank you

Christmas Day Race information
John Craske wins the 2019 Winter Series
Handicappers award for most combative swimmer of 2019 goes to Cedric Guyot

EGM Report

07 Nov 2019

There was a fine spread of wines at the EGM but before anyone could crack open a bottle the question of two tier membership, proxy voting and changing the clubs status to incorporated had to be debated.

Swimmers hot or not is the question

02 Nov 2019

The water does treats us all the same, yet we all react differently, especially in cold water.
I bought an infrared camera for work, and needed to give it a test run at Serps. 

Yours swimmingly

John Tierney 

Swimmers hot or not is the question
Tony Schiemann wins The Louis Schendler Bowl
Linda wins the Emmi Hunte Cup