About The Club

The Serpentine Lake is situated in London's Hyde Park.  The club has its own (somewhat Spartan) changing facilities and members are permitted by the Royal Parks to swim in the lake in the mornings from 05:00 to 09:30.

The Serpentine Swimming Club is an all year round open air swimming club. The club is open every day of the year and on Saturday morning handicap races are held at 08:00 throughout the year. Wetsuits are not permitted for the races. The most well known of the races is the "Peter Pan Christmas Day Race". During winter months the water temperature is very low and the lake does occasionally freeze, whilst in the summer the water can reach tropical temperatures over 20°C (70°F).

SERPENTINE LIDO:  this is a commercial franchise operated on behalf of the Royal Parks. The Lido is staffed with professional lifeguards and is open to the paying public 10am to 6pm weekends and bank holidays in May and then all week from June to mid-September.  As well as the 100m swimming area, there is a children's paddling pool, waterside tables, sun loungers and a cafe. The Serpentine Lido also offers daytime/early evening triathlon training and coaching sessions (for a fee). Click here for their website

BATHING WATER QUALITY:  From 1st May to 31 September, to correspond with public access to the Serpentine Lido, the Environment Agency monitor the bathing water quality of the Serpentine lake.  This detail is monitored and used by The Royal Parks.  Please follow this link for the relevant detail.