Long Distance Swimmers


Swimming in the lake in Hyde Park is not the only place Serpentine members swim! Long distance, open water swimming is another passion at the Serpentine, with the club boasting a plethora of relay and solo English Channel swimmers amongst its members.

The English Channel is not the only long distance swim to tackle. Serpentine members have dipped their toes in many international waters. A small example of such swims include:

  • Escape from Alcatraz, San Francisco, USA
  • Golden Gate Bridge Swim, San Francisco, USA
  • Catalina Channel, Los Angeles, USA
  • Maui to Lanai Channel, Hawaii, USA
  • Robben Island Swim, Cape Town, South Africa
  • River Nene swim, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Manhattan Island Swim, New York, USA
  • Straits of Gibraltar, Spain
  • Lake Zurich, Switzerland
  • Lake Annecy, France
  • Cook Straits, New Zealand
  • Gibraltar Straits 

All through the year there are members training for their first or next long distance open water swim. If long distance swimming is something that you are interested in, come down to the Serpentine (Especially on a Saturday morning from 8am onwards) to meet the huge number of members who have given it a go! We have advice, stories, tips and hints galore. Just be prepared to listen to a lot of overexcited open water swimmers telling you their experience from their swims

The members who have completed English Channel solos swims:

1957 Gerald Forsberg
1961 Rose George*
1968 Kevin Murphy*
1969 Jon Erikson*
1982 Alison Streeter*
1984 Robert (Bob) Manning
1993 Nick Adams*
2002 Anna McClarnon
2005 Anna Hillyer, Sakura Hingley, Mark Rosenburg, Will Ferguson, James Scott
2007 Conor Rowley, Andy Pfaff
2008 Pim Kalisvaart, Alice Constance
2009 Sophie Rutenbar, Boris Mavra*, Alison Lievesley, Colin Hill
2010 Luke Birch, Trevor Gaunt, John Whitaker, Sam Vincent, Tullio Salvatore, Doug Wright, Guy Moar, David Orders
2011 Scott Stanley, Lorcan Rowley, Angela Lurssen, Pascal Vernaeve, Michael Ventre
2012 Kristy McIntyre, Deirdre Barron* (Ward), Tori Thorpe, Kevin Blick*, Mark Workman, Rob Ouldcott, Ian Stoughton
2013 Mark Faure Walker, Frederick Florin, Mark Fabik, Matthew Dawson, Christopher Foyle, Jackson Carroll, Robert Fisher, Damian Wachowicz
2014 Sami Robertson, James Norton, Stuart Bowman*, Dani Lobo*, Michael Cullen, Mark Johansen
2015 Volker Koch, Jessica Hepburn, Rhys Bradley
2016 Alana Digby, James Danaher, Sam Bail
2017 Anita Goyas, Oli Withers, Toby Davis, John Tierney, Torgie Cox, Vandita Dhariyal, Suzanne Langdon, Scott Baker
2018 Sam Mould, Alessandra Rossi Cima, Jon Southey, Peter Lowe

* Multiple swims