Blue green algae update: SSC reopening with a caveat

Dust off your swimwear, we are reopening the club on Saturday! It'll be right on on time for the under-18s Cygnets race and the All Clothes race.

We are, however, reopening with a caveat. Please read the not so small print below. 

Blue green algae is still present in the lake, at the lower end of moderate levels. Hopefully, it will soon be dropping to low levels across the board.

The latest test results received today 14 September 2023 are as follows:
- 18,000 (low) 
- 20,000 (low/moderate)
- 19,000 (low)
- 22,000 (moderate)

The World Health Organisation (WHO Rating) above indicates levels of algae present in the sample(s), against WHO guidance values. Please visit for more info on results thresholds.

As a reminder, we swim at our own risk in the Serpentine, a natural body of water that's not chemically treated. That means that any day, it could be contaminated with a variety of bacteria. Of course, the water quality is monitored by the Royal Parks, and we do our best to inform you in cases involving contaminants such as the Blue Green Algae, but the zero bacteria risk in a natural swimming environment simply does not exist. It's part and parcel of the 'swimming in duck poo" experience.

So, we are reopening to swimming but are asking you to be aware of the blue green algae levels.

In essence:

- If the low end of BGA moderate levels feel uncomfortable for you, it's probably best you wait until all the levels are low before swimming.

- If not, we look forward to welcoming you back on Saturday morning. If you are joining Saturday's All Clothes Race, you have less than 48 hours to come up with a creative costume. Happy days!