Andrew Fuller's Individual Medley loses out to blue-green algae for the second year running

Andrew Fuller, gentleman and backstroke supremo since 1985.

No race possible, so Kevin Blick keeps hold of the club's multi-discipline title for yet another year.

Was that a deep, but sad, sigh of relief from Dani and Mike on hearing news of the cancellation of the "hardest to handicap" event of the year?

The 2021 presentation

The 2021 presentation

President Alan Mitchell, with Andrew and Himilce Fuller

A backstroker and a true gentleman

If proof is needed that gentle gentlemen exist even in this generation Andrew is that proof.  Andrew joined the club in 1985.  After a dozen years or so his civil servant job took him to Southampton which meant until retirement there were a few gaps in his regular appearances lakeside. 

Mike Olizar commented that “Andrew is the Club's supreme exponent of the backstroke.  He is the only person I know-of who diving off from the board facing the front can spin round mid-air to hit the water in the backstroke position.”

Aside from his proficiency at backstroke (he won the 1990 Peter Pan cup using his favoured stroke) Andrew has run a number of marathons: forward-facing not backwards!

Andrew took over the sponsorship of the club's Individual Medley in 1991 following the death of Louis Alt. Louis was famous for his head-stands and yoga poses, and also his proficiency with the Indian clubs.  Andrew is not known for yoga nor the Indian clubs, but his well-researched post-race speech, always delivered without notes, is an annual “not to be missed” event.  Andrew's wife Himilce is also ever-present to watch our annual Individual Medley event.

2021 winner, and continuing cup holder Kevin Blick, made an admission of ungentlemanly conduct on the final turn

2021 winner, and continuing cup holder Kevin Blick, made an admission of ungentlemanly conduct on the final turn

All's fair in love, war, and Serpentine races - Kevin admitted that on the final turn he pushed off against "something solid". It turned out to be Volker Koch. Despite this "unfair and unnatural advantage" the result still stood but a dope test remained pending (not sure who for though!)

For more information and background on Andrew Fuller and the Individual Medley race the has sponsored since 1991, please follow this link to the 2021 report.

Serpentine Swimming Club

The 2021 event was proceeded by the Cygnets' cup for our under 18s.  Ironically, the event was switched this year to 16 September and will act as a curtain raiser to The All Clothes Race.

Andrew Fuller, Peter Pan Cup winner, 1990

Andrew Fuller, Peter Pan Cup winner, 1990

Andrew receiving the cup from President Michael Olizar. Presumably this was taken a few weeks into the new year, once Andrew's name had been engraved on the trophy?

(report compiled by Brian Thomas)