Blue green algae: racing cancelled and swimming still closed

Yesterday, we annouced that the most recent Blue Green Algae samples show that the BGA concentration in the Serpentine is "HIGH" according to WHO classification.

These results show that there is a strong potential for health risk. Therefore, we are stopping swimming until we have a lower level of BGA.

We still haven't got the green light to swim or race in the Serpentine as blue green algae levels are still high. As a result, tomorrow's IM race is cancelled (hopefully only postponed, we're working on it) and swimming is still closed until further notice.

To understand the mechanics of BGA, this post from the Environmental Agency on blue green algae in the Lake District explains how these algal blooms work.

Reminder: blue green algae can be toxic to humans and lethal to dogs. Be careful when walking your furry companions. 

Some of you asked when we would be back in the water. Great question! With no great answer, unfortunately. We have no visibility on that. Based on last year, it might be a week or 10 days until we get back in the water, or it could be shorter or longer. We can't guarantee anything, obviously, but know that the Royal Parks are testing the water regularly. They will let us know as soon as it's A-OK.