A very personal prize for a solo pentathlon in 1949 which George Brutton values

What was the reward for this 60 year olds ten mile non stop feat as observed by a triple world champion and a swimmer who three times tried the English Channel

Thanks to George Brutton for bringing a newspaper cutting to the club this morning about a former Serpentine swimmer who in 1949, aged 60, decided he needed to test himself. George also presented prizes for the 440 yard race today, which was won by Vanessa Marshall.

In just 63 minutes a 60 year old Frenchman and resident Londoner, Louis Fabre, completed a ten mile non-stop feat for a swim, bike, hurdle run, walk and row.

If you want to test your ability here are the times set by by Fabre.

One mile hurdles: 7 minutes 30 seconds over 32 hurdles at Paddington Recreation Ground

One mile run: 7 minutes 29 seconds

One mile Walk: 11 minutes 13 seconds

Five mile cycle: 15 minutes 20 seconds

One mile Rowing: 6 minutes 25 seconds

One mile open water Swim to Putney Pier: 15 minutes 53 seconds

This feat was observed by Eric Phelps, the World Single Sculling Champion from 1930-33, H. Campbell (Fabre’s coach), and W.G Cliff who was also a Serpentine SC member.

Cliff, a London postal worker had made at least three attempts on the English Channel, one attempt being in 1939.
And the reward for all of Fabre's efforts? “Personal Satisfaction”

Fabre had emigrated from Bordeaux aged nine, and made London his home. Fabre kept fit all his life, and at the healthy age of 79, in December 1966, Fabre won his heat of the Christmas Day Handicap race for the Peter Pan Trophy. He lost the final race to Leonard Alt for the Peter Pan trophy. 


And the winner of today's 440 yard race for the George Brutton Cup was Vanessa Marshall, ahead of Nick Hungerford, and Clare Doyle.

Thanks to George for all today.


[John Tierney]