'Uruguay' win Andean Project relay

Barney Miller augmented his great organising of the Andean Project relay race paying tribute to race-founder Pat, and providing us with a post-race cocktail treat of Pisco sours. 
It all added to the fun of today's summer relay race of 4x200metres which was won by the 'Uruguayans' .
Adopting a south American theme, teams were named after countries which touch the Andes, but as Barney observed, ultimate winners Uruguay don't have the Andes in their range. Should this be questioned, keen geographers can email their observations/corrections/Andes & wristies jokes to us. Or more likely, a hearing aid to the writer.

A lovely August summer's day for swimmers whose deep tan lines gave clues to their summer passions; panda eyes, varying cyclist's leg marks, and Kevin on team Brazil proudly revealing his cycling helmet strap tan lines. For the sake of British decency, Brazilian references stop here. Closer to home, other swimmers were considering their previous night's swim in the Thames near Hampton which inspired one of the group to paint her nails a lovely shade of green, perhaps 'Thames green'?

Eight teams took part, representing, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Barney, who won the race in 1989, avoided a repeat of last year's (see 24 Aug 2011) controversial 'victory' by Sakura and her loud crew by ensuring that all swimmers had differently coloured hats to limit confusion.
Team Uruguay won with swimmers including James Norton said that Uruguay "are on a roll, first Copa  America and now this." Fellow relay winner, Anthony Cleaver, has won this prize so many times that he may have to be given the trophy in perpetuity. The other two swimmers include a young man called William and a woman whose name escapes us.
Barney presented nice prizes and gave a warm and personal tribute to Pat who founded the race in 1988. All the team captains received Andean project tee-shirts.

Team Total Go At
(Max(Total) - Total)
Position Time
Uruguay Estimated Mark 5.00 1 18.41
Bolivia 19.30 0.00 2 18.57
Argentina 17.00 2.30 3 19.19
Chile 16.10 3.20 4 19.45
Colombia 13.45 5.45 5 20.06
Peru 17.10 2.20 6 20.33
Brazil 17.10 2.20 7 21.04


All good fun and best of luck to Sakura who travels to Guernsey for a dip next week.

Previous Andean winners are listed below:
2010: C.J.Wood, M.Ranson, S.Cox, S.Hingley.

2009: No names recorded

2008: W. Alberti, J.Barry, A.Cleaver, T.Murray

2007:M.Marczak, M.McClarnon, Y.Reid, E.Tchepannou

2006: M.Walker, M.Fabik, A.Cuthbert, D.Baldwin, D.L.Hostis

2005: G.duToit, M.Walker, M.Marczak, A.Cleaver,

2004: S.Satterlee, S.Costello, C.Wood, G.Dutoit

2003: K Paish, E. Hunte (Snr), J.Sextone, E. Hunte

2002: A. Cleaver, C.Wilmans, N.Price, N.Beck

2001: Maev Johnston, Ted Wilder, Anthony Cleaver, Andrew Miller,

2000: A.Cleaver, Y.Saruhashi, P.Saunders, B.Thomas, C.Wood

1999: G.Ranson, B.Thomas, J.Reid,

1989: B.Miller. J.Sextone, M.Small, C.Wood

1988: R.W.Halford, S.M.Halford, D.O'Hara, J.Barker