Open Water Swimming Etiquette

The joy of swimming outdoors is that you are free to not worry about rules and such like. But some basic etiquette is appreciated by other swimmers.

1. Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the club rules and safety procedures (shown on the back of the membership form and at the Resources/Documents section of the website).

2. If you wear a swimming hat, please choose a brightly coloured hat – otherwise you can’t be seen easily to avoid (for example not black or dark blue)

3. Swimming in a pack does not give you the right of way, look out for other swimmers and be respectful for all abilities and speeds.

4. If swimming in a group try not to swim more than two abreast during busy times.

5. Look up and forwards regularly, to spot other swimmers and adjust your swim line accordingly.

6. Keep within the agreed swim area (if in doubt ask)

7. Never swim outside the agreed club hours (06:00-09:30, year round). In the summer the Lido is open to the general public 10:00 - 18:00 should you wish to swim during these times.

8. No wetsuits in the changing room and no nudity outside!

9. Feel free to bring in cakes and biscuits for the changing room, it just makes the world a happier place.

10. Don’t swim if you are feeling unwell and don’t swim too far if the water is cold and you are not acclimatised.