Bridge to Bridge for the 'Dave Milnes Cup' (7:30am start) - prizes by Anthony & Jenny Cleaver

1000yds - Handicapped

Only members on the offical list may participate in the Bridge to Bridge event. Details on how to get on the list will be circulated in advance of the race.

Please note, the “clock” will start 07:30 prompt.

2018T. Outen
2017E. Hunte
2016M. Wynn
2015J. Norton
2014R. Young
2013H. Fischel-Bock
2012A. Fuller
2011M. Faure Walker
2010B. Miller
2009A. Hillyer
2008N. Price
2007M. Ranson
2006A. Titmuss
2005M. Fabik
2004N. Jones
2003E. Leigh
2002S. Satterlee
2001B. Deeley
2000C. Wood
1999T. Cuthbert
1998B. Kelly
1997M. Olizar
1996A. Lacy
1995P. Saunders
1994N. Jones
1993J. Sextone
1992N. Saxby
1991B. Phipps
1990J. Sextone
1989N. Jones
1988P. Latto
1987J. Sextone
1986A. Gardiner
1985D. Holliday
1984A. Gardiner
1983A. Pandya
1982B. Kelly
1981P. Slowman
1980B. Kelly
1979D. Kelly
1978D. Kelly
1977J. Kelly
1976J. Kelly
1975R. Hamill
1974K. Spurr
1973B. Deeley
1972C. Emery
1971R. Wakeford
1970J. Peckham
1969B. Thomas
1968A. Woodward
1967R. Wakeford
1966R.M. Ferris
1965N. Dockett
1964A. Lacy
1963J. Markham
1962S. Levy
1961M. Moyle
1960K. Peckham
1959J. Carter

Race in the 1920s