Nick Adams

Nick Adams

Nick Adams completes 7th English Channel crossing
Mon, 25 Jul 2011

English Channel hero Nick

Nick successfully completed his crossing of the English Channel in ten hours and 22 minutes. An awesomely fast time. Buoyed by this time, Nick instantly tackled the return leg and made it halfway back to England with a courageous swim before the Channel karma Gods didn't give Nick the chance to complete the double. This was Nick's seventh crossing of the Channel in hat and trunks. Nick first completed a double crossing of the Channel at the age of 18 years. On this double attempt, Nick got out of the water after 15.5 hours.

Nick Adams, you swam the English Channel, you are an incredible man.

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In the words of Nick as pasted below:

My swim is going to start this morning at roughly 5am.  We are out with Neil Streeter on Suva.

You can follow Sakura's regular updates on Twitter:

You can see where I am in the Channel via my tracker:

Sakura has been given strict instructions not to reply to emails, phone calls and texts as this can overload her, and stop her from resting. Sorry. It's not that we don't love you, it's just to keep the crew as free as possible to look after themselves and the swimmer.

Big love to all



03:30: On the way to Dover. Mark driving. Nick trying to sleep. The kids (Sakura, Piglet & Podge) in the back.

04:30: HRS AGO: All on board, boxes bungeed, swimmer mentally prep-ing himself while crew are discussing breakfast options. I feel a swim is about to begin!

We're heading out of the harbour. Slight roll to the waves but the sky is blue. The car park was busy with relays&solosists. Exciting times

05:25: The big man is in the water. Starting with Al of the Eton relay team! Gentlemanly shake of the hands. Here we go!

Start time was 5:25AM. We're side by side with the Eton team. Can see 5 other boats behind us. The sun is out, the conditions are good so far!

06:30: First feed done and lasted about 7seconds. Stroke rate at cruising pace of 47str per min. Sandwiched being eaten by podge and piglet. :)

Second feed done-'thank you' were the only words spoken. first vomit of the day from Sakura who is now feeling heaps better!

07:30: 2nd hour feed of maxim for nick. The bacon is starting to cook for the crew! Two snoring away on top deck! Happy times

2.5hr feed. Another 'thank you'. Man of few words. Crew have had their bacon butties.

We have chloe's boat to our right and the Eton boys catching up on our left. Our swimmer is just plodding on!

09:30: Woops. Sorry for the break! Snooze was required. Spirits still high. 4.5hr feed about to be delivered.

He continues to use the left, right technique. The crew are feasting on biscuits and trying to decide what to eat next. Difficult decision!

Some of the dream team: Mark Furry, Piglet and Spooky Lukey! The swimmer is behind them!

10:30: Entered the separation zone. Requests for FOUR jelly babies at the next feed. So many requests. Not sure we can cope!

feed delivered. Tea and fruit sugar with 4 jelly babes. 0.1miles from the NE shipping lane. Excitement high! Swimming comfortably.

11:30: Ibuprofen given as requested. He's being followed by a bird of the seagul kind. Won't leave him alone :) saying he's been stung a few times!

Spooky lukey using the mens loo! Got a bit close to falling into the boat due to a passing wave!

Electrolyte feed given at 6.5hour feed. He's more worried that his mummy is not getting the tweets. Mummy Adams. Are u getting the tweets?

12:30: Mini roll&maxim fed. Just had news that Scott is 100m away from France. Will tell nick at the next feed. Another channel swimmer! Woohoo

7.5hrs in and still a man with few words. Took his feed well. Plodding along. Team getting feeds ready at lightening pace. Conditions happy!


13:30: Just been visited by Mr Channel Swimmer Scott! All cheers and smiles. 2nd observer swap done as ours was rather poorly.

We're a 'gnat's cock' distance away from french inshore-according to neil! Any suggestions to how far away that is? I think it means close!

Mini roll requested for next feed. Goggle fiddling alot at the moment. He has had a telling off! Luke is farting. horrible smell

Luke's pants time (walking around only in his pants) has come to an end! Eton relay team are close! France getting clearer

14:30: We're nearing french land but still a bit more to go. Clarifying the 'turn around' rules. Wind is picking up a tad. He's still swimming! :)

Been swimming 9.5hours. One mile off land. We've just missed the Cap. He's asking for no more electrolyte! Just maxim and jelly babies.

15:30: Sakura and fabik about to jump in to swim to shore with him. He's requested 2 sandwiches and grease. Only allowed 10 mins to turn around

LANDED. 1st leg done. Seems happy from afar. Eating and greasing

Time of first leg 10:22


Started the second leg shouting "let's go home" which we're taking as a good sign! Fed on the hour. Still nice and flat. Good boy!

Banana protein shake as a bit of a change and tummy filler. Went down very well (in my tummy too! A taste turned into a gulp-woops) :)


Unfortunately due to dizziness and hallucinations Nick has got out of the channel. He was exactly half way back to england at 15.5hrs


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