Honouring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Race cancellation

Dear members,

In the light of the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, we, at the Serpentine Swimming Club, joined many around the world last night in sending our condolences to the Royal Family and in expressing our profound gratitude to Her Majesty, The Queen, for her life of service.

During this period of national mourning the Royal Parks, in particular St James’s Park, Green Park and Hyde Park, will provide the backdrop for key stages of the funeral procession and will be an important location for visitors travelling to London. We will let you know if we are impacted, when the Royal Parks share their plans with us.

To honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the club, we invite you all to gather tomorrow Saturday morning, to swim and reflect on your own time, and at 8.30am, to join a short speech followed by two minutes of silence as a sign of respect in memory of an incredible woman and Queen.

As a consequence, the biathlon and the Level Water award ceremony will not take place this Saturday.

Fond regards.

On behalf of all of us, Officers and Committee members of the club,

Rob Ouldcott, President, and Laure Latham, Honorary Secretary