Important notice - All Clothes Race brought forward by one week to 18th September

Due to the SwimSerpentine event on Saturday 18th September we must swim within the white buoys.

On Saturday 18th September we must race within the white buoyed area of the Lido.  This is due to the SwimSerpentine event that will be taking place at the lake.  The first of their many swims will commence at 08.15.

Being swum over 110 yards (100m) our All Clothes Race will fit neatly with arrangements for the lake on the morning.  It will also provide some amusing light relief to any unsuspecting spectators there to watch the SwimSerpentine event that starts on the opposite side of the lake.  The All Clothes Race will commence 8 o'clock sharp.

The Mario McClarnon 440 yard (400m) race will switch to Saturday 25th September.