Return of Saturday Races 8 May

Hello Serpentine Swimming Club members, 

The Saturday morning races are a key focus of the Serpentine Swimming Club.

Races have been suspended for over a year due to Covid restrictions. Following the reduction of restrictions on 12 April 2021, outdoor organised activity is now allowed and with some modifications and guidelines to minimise contact, races can restart.
This will be on a trial basis, limited to the existing handicap list (a year old!)
We will review and adapt and open to new members as quick as practical.

Races will restart on Saturday 8 May with Eric Carter's Quarter: 'Doug Smith Cup', a 440yds handicapped race. The clock starts at 8am.

The races will only be open to members on the existing handicap list for the time being.
Members not on the handicap list cannot join the race on the day of the race.
This will allow us to trial races with a small group and tweak based on feedback.
Remember, we are all unfit and out of practice and it will take a few races for marks to reflect that - please don’t bug the handicapper on the day :)

Getting your mark
Traditionally the marks are printed and displayed in the changing room.
To reduce clustering, more copies will be printed and attached at different locations.
Remember social distancing guidelines when checking your mark and be considerate of others.

Waiting to start and entering the water
Traditionally swimmers cluster around the board as the race starts and people enter the water via the board. With social distancing, we cannot do this as we have in the past.
Marshals will be present to perform light crowd control and ensure that swimmers are aware of where the clock time is at. Do not ask the handicapper for your mark or the clock time.

Exiting the water after your race
After your race please promptly exit the water via the exit ramp nearest the board.
Be aware of other swimmers and remember social distancing as you exit.

Please leave the area between the board and the stairs as clear as possible.
No one should be changing in that section whilst the race is ongoing as it will be a high traffic area.

Speeches and awards ceremony
There will be no speeches or awards ceremony for now.
As government guidance changes, we will review and recommence when appropriate.
The winner’s details will be taken and the cup given to them after engraving has been completed

Swimmers who do not want to race
We have always allowed members who prefer not to race to swim while the race is taking place. We ask that you be mindful that the race is taking place and to not get in the way of racing swimmers.
If you are not racing, please enter the water from the middle ramp to reduce clustering by the board and the first ramp.

Thank you all and see you on the socially distanced board,
Serpentine Swimming Club Committee