Further easing of restrictions on swimming

Having reviewed swimming numbers and compliance with social distancing and other instructions issued by the Club, the Committee now feel able to open swimming  every day to all members. Therefore as of tomorrow Monday 27th July 2020 the alphabetic alternate day swimming will be suspended and all members may swim on any day between 5am-9:30am. However, we may have to reintroduce control measures should the beach area become too busy or social distancing cannot be maintained in or out of the water.

Our ability to swim may also be subject to local measures introduced to prevent or control any resurgence in Covid 19. We are still in a pandemic and the safety of all members and the public remains our priority.

On a separate issue both the Club and The Royal Parks (TRP) have received numerous complaints about members cycling to the Club in front of the Lido Cafe. Such behaviour reflects badly on your Club. This is not an approved cycle route and members should dismount when using this path. It is highly likely that the Police will reinforce this by issuing offenders with fixed penalty notices. 

SSC President