You have all done very well !

In the words of young Mr Grace from the 1970’s television programme  “Are You Being Served “ ‘you have all done very well’!

The vast majority of members have complied with our current instructions to swim on alternate days, change on the beach area or terrace then leave, swim clockwise, swim only to the buoys marking the end of our swimming area and do not swim too far across the Serpentine. Anyone who has been at the Serpentine cannot but be impressed with the enthusiasm, friendliness and diplomacy of those undertaking wardening and swim testing duties. The Royal Parks management have made several visits to our swimming area and have been impressed with what they have seen. 

The Committee are aware that many members look forward to when they can swim every day and with their friends who currently find themselves in a different alphabetical group. The splitting of the Club into alternate swimming days is being closely monitored by the Committee and at the moment numbers are well within the ‘bather limit’ agreed with TRP. However, we are keen to see what several days of very warm sunny weather during weekdays and a weekend does to the attendance figures and if all remains manageable we may return before too long to all members being able to turn up and swim.

Applications for membership remain closed and this is likely to be the case for some time until  the majority of other London Lidos and open water swimming venues are open to the public.

The Committee are very keen to recommence races but this would obviously have to be done in a Covid safe way that at this present time is not possible.

The changing room will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

The Club AED ( defibrillator) is accessible to wardening staff and the Club has offered TRP to fund a wall mounted AED  at the Lido cafe for use by the public in an emergency situation. 

Swim days this week:
A-K Tuesday Thursday Saturday
L-Z Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday 

Alan Mitchell
SSC President