Progress Report

Fellow members thank you for your forbearance on our temporary exclusion from the Serpentine and for holding the line and not engaging in freelance swimming in the lake. The Committee know and share your frustration. The Royal Parks (TRP) have been made aware of our exasperation at non members seemingly swimming with impunity in our Serpentine.

As part of our engagement with TRP to get the Club back in the Serpentine we have been working on a revised Risk Assessment and methodology for managing the  large number of members likely to want to swim particularly on warm days. As a Club the Committee feel we are able to meet TRP requirements around numbers and the safety of swimmers. TRP have said that whilst they are broadly content with our proposals they may seek written clarification on several Health and Safety points tomorrow (Tuesday) although verbally they felt we were able to answer their questions to their satisfaction. So progress is being made and once we have formal agreement to reopen full details will be provided to members of any revised procedures and processes they will need to follow. For the vast majority of members they will notice very little if any difference. Again it is important to remember that TRP see any changes to our operating procedures as temporary.

Hopefully before too much longer we will be back where we belong in the Serpentine.