Alan Lacy 1923 to 2020

Many in the club will be aware of the recent passing of our most senior member Alan Lacy and were with his family in thought and sprit at 1.15pm today, the event of his funeral.

By coincidence, this month's edition of Aeroplane magazine has an article on Sunderland flying boats which includes an interview with Alan.  (Thank you George Brutton for sending it to me).

Alan joined the club in 1948.  He sponsored the breaststroke race for many decades, choosing to do so in order to avoid swimming the stroke he despised.  In recent decades Alan's race was swum for the Clary Reed cup, in memory of the man who kept the club going during WW2 and who also invited Alan to join the club.  Alan served two terms as President.  1974 - 1977 and 1998 - 2001.
Alan lied about his age to join the RAF in 1940, aged 17.  After the war Alan worked for J Lyons & Co. and led a groundbreaking team that introduced the first business payroll computer.  Whilst at Lyons he played for their sports club rugby team.  This enabled him to jokingly boast that he "had played rugby for the Lions'."

Alan, a true gentleman, is greatly missed and will be forever a club legend.

Brian Thomas