The swim story that wrote itself by John Tierney

Serpentine SC has many facets, and even more volunteers who help with the running of the club. 

On Saturday, on behalf of the club, Jeremy, Robin and Ingrid awarded a trophy, not for swimming at the Serpentine, but for writing about it. Unaccustomed as John Tierney is to writing about himself, he's always part of the story.  

John Tierney receives Clary Reed trophy from Jeremy and Robin Huner Coddington

Thank you

Just like James Joyce, an Irish award-winning swimmer, I was delighted to receive a noble gesture from Serpentine Swimming Club on Saturday.

These days, Joyce is definitely out of my reach, but it would have been fun to have had a swim over any distance with James Joyce, a writer who excelled at swimming distances of Forty Foot with Dubliners. 

Thank you all, I am truly pleased to have received this trophy from the club.

Yours swimmingly

John Tierney