A Lythe James meant a Barron result for Mike

What a race we had on Saturday in the “Hunter-Coddington dash” over 110 yards. 

With water measuring 4.4 Celsius, Jeremy Hunter accurately described this race as" harder than the Christmas Day race". But perhaps, hardest of all, was for Mike Barron who convincingly led race one from the start.

Mike Barron

Barron nights perhaps?

Cold water in the morning, and maybe a touch of social life the Barron nights of yore , didn’t seem to have impacted brave Mike. He consistently carved out a gap over the field, but the baying crowds on the bank predicted what was to happen.

With about 15 yards to go, Mike’s heroic efforts went the way of many a swimmer: gasping breath, icy lungs, and  the Bambi freestyle kick were willing him to the end, but to no avail. 

It looked like it was one beer too many for the wanderer from near Wolverhampton. The sober-looking James Lythe, who had consistently tailed Mike, looked the stronger in the last 15 yards, and James passed to win a great race. 

In race two, the twin pincer effect of the Luckhursts proved too much for Nick Adams, the father of twins. Will won the race with brother Alan taking third. 

Thanks to Ingrid, Jeremy and Robin for sponsoring an excellent race and for the prizes.

Ingrid's great design

Ingrid's great design

Chapeau to Ingrid Hunter for making a lovely badge for the Hunter Coddington dash. It had a clever Heath Robinson style design, with a Victorian feel to it, and there is no truth that it was modelled on Robin Hunter’s first swims at Serps, a few centuries back. 

Top Swimmer Stu Bowman with James Norton

Top Swimmer Stu Bowman with James Norton

Great to see Top Swimmer Stu Bowman with James Norton at the Serpentine, but no sign of Benedict Bowman