John Craske wins the 2019 Winter Series

Congratulations on your consistency John.

Congratulations John

Over 600 non swimmers are the real beneficiaries

It was a lovely Saturday, not only for John Craske who won the 2019 Winter Series, but also for over 600 non-swimmers who we don't know.

Level Water, our favoured charity, received a donation of £10,000 from the Serpentine SC members. The money was received by Mark Fox, who works for the Level water Charity which teaches disabled kids how to swim.

Each lesson costs £15, so £10k, makes a marathon difference. 

Alan Mitchell, our esteemed Club President, was busy wrestling a fresh water octopus in the River Thames, so Brian Thomas deputised with the kind words.

Thanks to the Kelly family for their constant sponsoring of this race over the decades. And thanks to Dani Lobo as handicapper and the team including Robin Hunter and Alan Nash.

Bob Kelly hailed from St. Paul Minnesota and for many decades, was a driving force behind the club.

His many achievements included women becoming full club members in 1985.

Bob passed away in 2012, and his family continue to swim here and sponsor the race.  

First: John Craske

Second: Chris Hatcher

Third: Ian 

John Craske Champion

John Craske Champion

Winter Series Winner 2019

Homage to Bob Kelly with some Hawaiian flare

Homage to Bob Kelly with some Hawaiian flare

Piz Buin (left) and Hawaiian Tropic (right)