The 156th Christmas Day handicap race for the Peter Pan trophy. The race starts sharp at 9am on Christmas Day 25 December

Curiously, Peter Pan couldn't swim - list of pre-qualified race starters below

Welcome to Serpentine Swimming Club.

The start list for the race is published below. Only the pre-qualified swimmers named on the list will be allowed to race. (Smartphone users will, ironically, need to click on the blue headline to view the list)

As always, the race will start at 9 am sharp. If you wish to view the race, please try and arrive by 08:30 as, judging by recent years, the bankside tends to be full of spectators.

Thank you

Christmas Day Annual Handicap for the Peter Pan trophy - photo by John Tierney

Qualified Swimmers A-G

Adams Nick

Alliot Kate

Bardos Anna

Barron Mike

Baxter Bobby

Benton Jon

Blick Kevin

Bowman Stuart

Boyce Paddy

Boyer Isabel

Byatt Debs

Campbell Fiona

Carter Eric

Challinor Felicity

Charman Judith

Claircourt Shelley-Anne

Cleaver Anthony

Craske John

Cselko Gemma

Cselko George

Cselko Jessica

Cselko Katherine

Cselko Phoebe

Dale Jo

Deeley Andrew

Delahunt Dorothy

Dick Katrina

Doyle Clare

Elliott Tom

Farmer Jan

Fearn Richard

Fischel-Bock Henry

Fischel-Bock Jaki

Foster Alex

Frith Charlie

Fuller Andrew

Galberg Maia

Gilbert Mary

Goblet d'Allviella Ritchie

Grigoriou Elina

Guyot Cedric

Qualified Swimmers H-M

Harris Lucy

Harris Mike

Hatcher Chris

Heller Bee

Holmes Katie

Hungerford Nick

Hunte Emmi

Hunter Robin

Hurst Elizabeth

Johnson Angela

Johnston Matthew

Jones Norman

Jungnickel Kat

Kerr Camilla

Kovatchev Ilyan

Lam Siufung

Larrad Peter

Latham Laure

Legrand Sarah

Leigh Edward

Lenton Poppy

Lewis Rosemary

Lobo Daniel

Lou Fran

Luckhurst Alan

Luckhurst John

Luckhurst Linda

Luckhurst William

Lythe James

MacEachern Ian

Mannix Anne

Marshal Vanessa


Mitchell Alan

Qualified Swimmers N-Z

Neal Jonathan

Neilson Kirstie

Newing Rod

Newton Jeremy

Norton James

Olivari Mary

Olizar Mike

Ouldcott Rob

Outen Tim

Paxton Linda

Piccoli Simone

Sanderson Nicola

Schiemann Tony

Sherwood Ruso

Skatikatite Ruta

Tarma Jaana

Thomas Brian

Tierney John

Van der Heul Yvonne

Ward Deirdre

Webb Sarah

Williams Octavia

Previous winners of the Christmas Day race

Previous winners of the Christmas Day race