An ecstatic Vanessa won the Cyril and Yvonne Wood Cup

The race  was swam over 110 yards rather than the normal 220 yards for technical reasons. 

Prizes in the form of copious bottles of wine from Paddy’s vast wine cellars stretching for miles under Surrey were awarded for 3rd Gary ( no second prize), 5th Matt, 7th Rob O, 10th Nick H, second to last Katrina D and last Mary G. An excellent reward for Mary who some contended had arrived too late to swim in the race.

Cyril and Yvonne were very popular and long standing members of the Club. Cyril was also a member of South London Swimming Club at Tooting Bec lido. He was renowned for running from the Serpentine after the Christmas Day race to Tooting Bec Lido to take part in their race at 11am . Cyril was our Club President between 1995-98 and won the  Peter Pan Cup in 2000. For many years he was a highly regarded honorary  handicapper. Yvonne had in her  youth been a county class high jumper. Yvonne was content to swim in the Serpentine at a more leisurely pace while Cyril raced. Both swam well into their 80s and competed in their age group at the British Cold Water Swimming Championships. A very loving couple they spent very few nights apart in their married life from the late 1940s through to living together in a care home at the end of their lives. They are fondly remembered walking hand in hand from the Serpentine to the car park in their eighties. 


Paddy Boyce the race sponsor since 2015 joined the club in 1997. Paddy personifies  the club ethos of ‘kindness’ and is renowned for his generosity and unstinting helpfulness towards others exampled  by his donation of hot water bottles to chilled swimmers after races, sometimes even before or during the race. 

Paddy’s swimming is affected by a syndrome that many have suspected he suffers from, CBA (can’t be arsed). Paddy managed however, to overcome this affliction and in 2015 powered through to win that years Peter Pan Cup on Christmas Day.