Andrew Fuller’s Individual Medley and Cygnet Cup

Wins for Fran in the Individual Medley Race and Oscar in the Cygnet Race

Oscar and proud dad Robert

Wins for Fran in the Individual Medley Race and Oscar in the Cygnet Race

Fran was first in the Individual Medley Race ( backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl) Leanne was second, Alan third. Fran had to dash to take part in another event so Jess collected her prize. Unfortunately Andrew’s Cup was one of those recently stolen from the Club and it is in the process of being replaced. However, as always Andrew provided an interesting selection of prizes matched by a stimulating and thought provoking speech.

Andrew joined the Club in 1985 and won the Christmas Day race in 1990. He is the only back stroker to have achieved this so far. He took over the sponsorship of this race in 1991. Andrew is one of life’s gentlemen. He is the only person in the club to swim backstroke in every race and manages to swim in a straight line over long distances- a feat rarely achieved by Club swimmers doing front crawl or breaststroke. In addition to his swimming achievements Andrew has completed several marathons and at age 70 remains as competitive as ever.

The Cygnet Cup was won by Oscar exhibiting a very strong back crawl stroke showing he may in years to come have the potential to be the second back stroker to win the Christmas Day race. Romy displaying a powerful, confident front crawl was second and a steadily paced Patrick third. Also taking part in their first ever swimming races were Ben and Riley who despite their youth showed the true Serpentine spirit by completing the race in sub 20c water temperature.