Serpies smash out Lake Geneva swim

Six Serpies go over 24 hours to swim the length of Lake Geneva


Six Serpie Lake Geneva Legends

Six Serpie Lake Geneva Legends

‘In the Duck Poo’ swim Lake Geneva

One sunny Monday morning in July, six Serpies set off from Villeneuve, Switzerland on an epic adventure across Lake Geneva. From the shore beside Chateau de Chillon, to the sound of the bugle, Rose Lewis plunged into the serene, warm waters to officially begin our journey. After Rose’s first one hour slot, Craig Kerr gallantly took over. Next up was Katie Berlyn Holmes, followed by Craig’s daughter Anna and then Sarah Webb. Last but by no means least, Graham Buckle (who cycled over 800km across France with Katie’s father, Gerald in the preceding week) boldly jumped in as swimmer number six. 

This cycle was repeated four times and it was Rose’s fifth swim that landed them on the beach in Geneva, overlooked by the giant fountain. The team as well as Gerald, followed and they were all greeted by Craig’s wife Maddie, with a bottle of fizz to celebrate successfully swimming 73km! 

The 24 hour and 47-minute journey across Lac Leman was enabled and enhanced by the fabulously attentive pilots and friendly observers, all organised by the Lake Geneva Swimming Association (LGSA). The crew very generously provided cheeses, local salami and a hot supper as the sun was beginning to set, in addition to keeping them safe on the boat. 

All in all, it was a great adventure and the team felt very grateful for the advice of fellow Serpies (in particular the butterfly relayers, the Jenbo Jets and Mike Harris). Swimming in a lake made of Evian-water with vistas of Mont Blanc and stunning historic towns along the way was an incredible team experience. This swim is highly recommend! Voila!