Damson in Distress escapes to Victory

There was a lucky escape for trophy winning Team 'Damson' during Saturday's Paul Bridgeman relay races when Mr Johansen missed his Mark, ironically.

The race

On being quizzed after the heat, Mark Johansen said that he couldn't hear his 'mark' time being called. Very true, because if he had heard properly, he would have realised that he'd led his team off early by pruning ten seconds from his start in the first heat of arguably the finest relay races any side of Tooting.

Sakura and Tori kindly added the ten seconds onto team Damson's final tally, and they still managed to qualify for the final.

Swimming was clearly a bowl of cherries for Mark and the team who showed no signs of swimming like a Damson in Distress in the final race.

The winning team members included Mark, Jack Boyer, Henry Fischel Bock and Mr President Alan Mitchell and their prize were some beautiful tankards. Perhaps there is a gag about the Englishman, the Scot and the two Americans which possibly constituted the nationalities of the winning team? It has not been declared under which flag Henry swam on Saturday. 

Commiserations to the teams from Heat One: Apples, Bananas, Cherries and Elderberries.

And lettuce describe the teams from Heat Two as the less fruity and perhaps a bit more spicy: Fig, Gooseberries, Huckleberries, Iceberg, Juniper and Kiwi.

And a rhubarb crumble to Dani the Handicapper for making the races so close thanks to his fastidious handicapping.

Thank you to Dinkinesh, the former carer of the Bridgemans, for presenting the prizes. In Ethiopia, Dinkinesh is the word for beautiful.

[John Tierney]