Gordon Brodie Rest In Peace

Goodbye dear Gordon

Message from Serpies

This is very sad. Gordon was always such a joyfully happy face I will never forget.May he rest if peace. He will be sorely missed

Tula S.

Cheerio old friend.

As far as I could tell, one of the good ‘uns.


Alan K.

That is such sad news. What a wonderful man. He could cheer up the devil. A complete ray of sunshine.
Very best wishes, Paul and Alice

Oh that’s sad...what a fella...memories of singing “you are my sunshine” in the changing room will forever hold dear. Rest In Peace Gordon and Rise with Christ in Glory...


Hail to thee, (Gordon’s) blithe spirit!..... Higher still and higher from the earth thou springest like a cloud of fire; the blue deep thou wingest, and singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest.


This is very sad news. Gordon’s good cheer will be much missed.


Gordon was always cheerful, always helpful, always encouraging and always ready to brighten up the day. On a personal level, for more than ten years he came on the boat as my support during Channel swims - despite suffering badly from seasickness. I owe Gordon a great deal.
A couple of little anecdotes if I may. On one swim Gordon was so seasick the skipper tied him to the mast at the front of the boat - but he still managed to feed me every half an hour. Then, driving home from another Channel swim we were stopped on the hard shoulder of a motorway slip road. A police motorcyclist pulled up, leaned in the window and found us putting vaseline on each other's wind-and-salt-cracked-lips. He retreated and suggested from a distance that we do it in a service station.
I will miss Gordon. Goodbye old friend.
Kevin M

is it worth repeating Gordon’s delight in repeating loudly to me in the change room Clive Dunn’s line from Dad’s Army, “they don’t like it up ‘em”, and I would reply, “Gordon, tell us what the war was like, the Boer war”.
This went on for years.
Then there was the time I took pictures for Gordon of the grave of one of his favourite boxers.........his grave was in my home town of Newcastle in NSW.

Jeremy C.

I have so many fond memories of moments shared with Gordon (and will miss him dearly), including the time I showed him pictures of the "Gordon Pool" in Tel Aviv, which one would assume could have been named in his memory (while it was not, but he still enjoyed the relation in name only...).


Surely Gordon would be missed by all, especially for me as he and I always had something to say to each other or listened to his singing or reciting his poetry or rap and of course made me cup of tea whenever he saw me shivering.
Bless his soul and May Gordon Rest In Peace.
Please let's know when the family  has the date of his funeral.
Please convey my deepest sympathy.

Absolutely agree with you Topo. And another thing. His emphatic emails, always ended with - BRODIE -!
A great loss. Much sympathy and wishes that his family and friends have good memories of him.

Jackie S.

Date for Memorial Service

Gordon's funeral will be a private family function.

Memorial details are here:

Thursday April 25th.

Time 7.30pm till 8.30pm

St Stephen's Church

Rochester Row,