Cold Water Swimming Championships

A big crowd of happy Serpies enjoyed an excellent day out at Tooting Bec Lido on Saturday 26 January when the South London Swimming Club hosted the Cold Water Swimming Championships with their usual clockwork precision and showbiz panache. As usual the provision of hot showers, jacuzzis and a sauna by our friendly rivals prompted some overheated envious speculation but the austere Serpentine regime paid off with a dazzling haul of 18 medals:    

90m freestyle

Anita Goyos gold

Will Luckhurst gold

Cameron Kelly gold

Norman Jones gold

Juliet Finnis silver

Alan Luckhurst bronze

30m ice fly

Will Luckhurst gold

Anita Goyos silver

Joseph Kotrie-Monson bronze

30m freestyle

Will Luckhurst gold

Norman Jones gold

Alan Luckhurst bronze

30m breastroke

Will Luckhurst gold

Alan Luckhurst silver

Team relays

One L of a Team ft H&C gold

The team name initials two Luckhursts, Alan L’s girlfriend Hannah and Cameron.

Given that the world championships are held alternating years with the cold water championships in Tooting, all this means that our own Will Luckhurst, who uniquely won gold in every category, is officially the best cold water swimmer on the planet!

Many thanks too to Deirdre Ward for pulling off the slippery task of wrangling our swimmers into three further Serpentine relay teams, Walrus, Beluga and Narwhal, the latter supplied with magnificent sword tusks by Nicola Sanderson, contributing to the marvellous cavalcade of stupendous headgear that distinguishes this from less colourful championships.

Congratulations not just to those bemedalled but to all our bold and hearty swimmers, and thanks to Rosemary Lewis, Mike Harris, Stuart Bowman, Juliet Finnis, Siu Fung Lam and Lisa Peake for the pics.  

Full results can be found here