Sakura Adams wins the 2018 Annual Handicap race for the Peter Pan Trophy

Congratulations Sakura

What a day it was, happy faces, no cold wind, and almost 90 swimmers to take part in Serpentine SC's annual handicap race for the Peter Pan Trophy.

It was a delight to see Alan Lacy, 95 years young, take part in the proceedings, but this time staying on dry dock. Alan remains our oldest active club member.

The end result was a close run thing, between Emmi Hunte, a former race winner, who set off first at zero minutes, zero seconds, and Sakura Adams who was nearer the back of the field. But while the clock ticked, first past the orange buoys was Sakura, and huge congratulations to her for winning.

In with a chance were Haydn Turner who was third, and ehh, John Tierney (me) fourth, with Henry Fischel Bock a fast finishing fifth. But really, on a day like this we are all winners, thanks to the warmth of the crowds who turned up to support, the love of the club members and their friends, and the heat of the post race port drink for all swimmers.

Huge thanks to the Greenbury Family for their continued generous support of the race.

Merry Christmas

Yours swimmingly

John Tierney


[Photos John Tierney, Jeremy Hunter, Robert Hood, Ingrid Hunter]

Tom O' Boyle's video of swimmers walking to the start

Thanks to Tom O' Boyle for the video