Three and a half years for Matthew Johnston to become an overnight success

Matthew Johnston Champion - sealed with a kiss

It was one of those days that started and ended with a kiss. Young Chloe said "Mummy" to which Mummy replied "What is it darling?" "May I have a kiss please" said Chloe. "Of course you can", after which Chloe continued with her appearance of looking like a lifelong Serpie at our club by watching the swimmers and talking to the doggies Serpside.

Congratulations to Matthew Johnston (without an E) who won the 2018 Winter Series.
Matthew placed best over a series of seven races on the Serpentine during the weeks of November and December.

And Matthew said "three and a half years, that's all it took for me to win a trophy."
Robin referred to many previous winners and placements from over the years. George gave thanks to Deirdre Ward for her excellent work in transferring all the club site's content onto the new version website hosted by Boris Mavra's firm Riskpoint.

Oh yes, it ended with a kiss. Dani Lobo was unable to deliver a kiss to Rob Ouldcott, the club's most combative swimmer of 2018. So, John Luckhurst (manfully?) stepped up to the plate to be Dani's proxy kisser, and gave his best to Rob on behalf of the handicapper who was holidaying on Californian shores.

Thanks to the Kelly family for their prizes and speeches.

But remember, there is no 'E' in Matt Johnston.

1st Matthew Johnston without an ā€˜Eā€™
2nd Tony Cleaver
3rd Linda Luckhurst
4th Fran Lou
5th James Lythe
6th Linda Paxton
7th John Luckhurst
8th Cedric Guyot
9th Norm Jones
10th The Field

[Photos: Liz Hurst, Simone Piccoli, Mike Harris]
[Words: John Tierney]