Sarah Ouldcott celebrates her Combative Trophy Husband

Rob delighted to win based on his consistent sporting efforts

Plaudits for consistent Rob Ouldcott

Congratulations to Rob Ouldcott for being awarded Serpentine SC's 'Most Combative' swimmer award for 2018.

The award is not about being a swimmer of combat, but for the swimmer who tried one's best in each race of the year. Dani Lobo, our Club Handicapper, said "that even when Rob didn't stand a chance of winning he would always try his best."

Well done Rob, and thinking back to the days of the amateur days of sport, as Pierre de Coubertin said "It's not the winning but the taking part."

Thanks to Rory Cullinan for donating the trophy, and to Dani Lobo for his work on the handicapping of all the races over the year. Being most combative also included someone who didn't whine about their allotted race handicap.

[John Tierney]