Artisan bakers at the Serpentine Winter Series

Flapjack O' Clock in the cafe

Artisans in the mix zone

Serps was was arguably more Artisan Baker's Corner today than a Winter Swimming zone.

First though, a drizzly wet chapeau doffed to the almost 80 swimmers who unchanged, raced, and changed again in the wet. Rod, Tom, Nick H and a few others helped erect the gazebo tent thingy, which was gratefully used by many swimmers as a semi dry zone.

Second, unquestionably and tastefully focusing on the marquee event of the day, the excellent gingerbread men and women baked by Guy's talented daughter. Delicious.

And to the main event, post swim breakfast, where the discussion settled on baking techniques by Jon Southey, Stu Bowman, Anne Mannix, Katrina and the club's artisan flapjack maker Alan Mitchell. Aside from flapjacks, the question was how would roast walnuts taste with roast red cabbage?

Answers on greaseproof paper please.

Yours swimmingly

John Tierney