The Christmas Day race for the Peter Pan cup is the Blue Ribbon event for those club members who compete regularly in the Saturday races.

Swimmers on the handicap list before the start of the Winter Series (on 10 November), must compete in at least 3 of 7 Winter Series races.

Swimmers NOT on the handicap list before the start of the Winter Series, must compete in 6 of the 7 Winter Series races.

Swimmers unable to fulfil the above requirements may contact the race sub-committee via to be considered for entry into the race. Only requests received by Saturday 8 December are guaranteed to be considered.

The list of qualifiers will be published during the week before the Christmas Day race, and wrist bands will be issued to qualified swimmers on the morning of the event. The sub-committee reserves the right to cap numbers if necessary on safety grounds.

If there is a risk of over-crowding on the jetty, some swimmers may be asked to hold back until space is freed up. 

Members who do not qualify are free to swim before or after the race but not between 8:50am and 9.00am.

George Cselko, Hon. Secretary

on behalf of the Club Committee

5 November 2018