Serps Swimmers Cruise to huge win over SLSC -

well not really, but it sounds good though

Serps they do it again

December add on:

Thanks to Gail McLean, the resident photographer for SLSC for taking some really great photos. Screengrabs of an amalgam of these are included below. If you want to look at them on an individual basis, the link for Gail's site is here. 

November: A gorgeous sunny Autumn November day provided the backdrop for the 49th Running of the Doug Smith Cup, featuring a clash of the Titans, with swimmers from The South London Swimming Club and The Serpentine Swimming Club battling for the big trophy.

Over a series of 15 races, we Serpies vanquished the SLSC, and in the last Cannon race SLSC disqualified themselves, as they provided ten swimmers against the 12 of the Serps. Great performances from all the Serps swimmers, and nearly as great performances from SLSC. I'm sure you'll do better next year folks.

It was 8˚C water, and we are looking forward to the 50th occasion of racing next year. First thing to be done though is polish the cup!!

Huge thanks to Deirdre Ward at Serps for organising the teams, and also to SLSC organisers who always throw a great event. Thank you.

Special mention to Fit Rob O & Alan L who swam 4 races each!!

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Alan Luckhurst
Alan Mitchell
Brian Thomas
Cedric Guyot
Charlie Frith
Clare Doyle
Daisy Gladstone
Deirdre Ward
Fran Lou
Geoff Ranson


George Cselko
Ivy Tiam
Jon Southey
Jonny Long
Juliet Finnis
Katie Berlyn
Laure Latham
Matthew Johnson
Matt Rehm
Mike Barron


Mike Harris
Nick Hungerford
Norman Jones
Rob Ouldcott
Robert Fisher
Robin HC
Ros Young
Susan Beckert
Tony Garner
Tony Schiemann
Volker Koch
Yvonne Huel