James Norton joins Daily Telegraph elites like Boris

Congratulations to James Norton who has joined the Daily Telegraph elites such as Boris and others. 

Overall victory last Saturday in the Daily Telegraph series means that he is now on a par with Boris and other winners in the Serpentine series. 

James just had better Times than anyone else. But on Saturday, it was Richard who was first past the Post. 

When pushed for a comment about his Telegraph Series affiliation, Norton, a freelance Channelist, expressed himself by saying "I don't have a cross word to say about winning the `Telegraph series."

Clearly James is a leader more than a Guardian, and very much a popular winner amongst neutral Observers. 

And as for his training to win the series, James said that "as a Daily Male swimmer, I find the Serpentine swim prevents me having to take my tabloids." 

The weather had turned cold with the waters dropping from 12 C to far below, and with Ashwin presenting, James clearly won in Balti conditions.  

And with that win, James op ed home on his bicycle, surely his fine day in The Sun."

Yours swimmingly 
text: John Tierney

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