Mario McClarnon Cup

Nicola Sanderson wins the silverware

Congratulations to Nicola Sanderson who won the Mario McClarnon 440 yards race. The prizes were presented by Mario's daughter Anna McClarnon, - an English Channel soloist in 2002 - with Kristy McIntyre and Brian Thomas receiving gifts. Eric Carter was Master of Ceremonies.

A longtime member of the club, Mario McClarnon was fondly remembered for playing the bagpipes and so much more  writes John Tierney. Mario bagged victory in the 1983 Peter Pan Christmas day race, but not before he had piped the swimmers to the start, his annual treat for club and spectators. And when not piping at the Serpentine, Mario was often found busking near Oxford Circus. Reading previous accounts on this website, it suggests that at times, Mario's life was "chaotic" and that he had a "random approach to many things in life".  Mind you as he chose to be a busker to the public, he must have had a great constitution. He is warmly regarded and respected as another of the 'free spirits' who roam the Serpentine.
Mario was also a talented runner and regularly competed for the Serpentine Running Club. Mario frequently ran barefoot and shirtless from Clapham to Serps and back again, whatever the snowy weather. One-arm chin-ups from his signal box by the railway formed a part of his fitness routine.
Thank you to Sean Kelly for providing the video of today and the photographs of the prize-giving.
On Sunday (22 September) happy Birthday to Teresa Murray and Robin Hunter-Coddington, neither of whom are known to have run barefoot or shirtless.  

Dani Lobo has raised just shy of £1,000 for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust by swimming for three hours in the 13C waters of Lake Windermer today. Great work and swimming Dani.


Previous winners of the Mario McClarnon cup include

2013 Nicola Sanderson

2012 John Reid

2011 Laura Tomlinson

2010 Norman Jones

2009 Mike Olizar

2008 Cyril Wood


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