Fisher Man tackles Great Dane

Was Copen Haagen Dazs ice cream on the menu

When Robert Fisher swam his 2km race through the centre of Denmark's capital, you wonder whether he thought of the features of Denmark and Copenhagen? Probably. 

Let's think less that Denmark's highest waterfall is about one metre high, and more about a possible name for a national ice cream. Then again, Ben & Jerrys cornered the market when they wittily called one of their ice creams 'Cherry Garcia.'  

A quick check on the ice cream maker's website reveaaled a wonderful pollination campaign going on. Fantastic news. There is also a link to which another group who coordinate the pollination seeding mission by advising which seeds work best in which region. 

Back to our Fisher who bobbed down the central waterways of Copenhagen. Rob is easy to spot, as he was the onmly swimmer wearing pollinated swimming trunks. Naturally, the race start was seeded according to local rules.

Congratulations on your swim race Rob. Copen Haagen Dazs? Who'd have thought of it eh?

Yours swimmingly

[John Tierney]