A Kings Ranson by George

Geoff wins the Laura George mile and a metre race

Congratulations to Geoff Ranson who won the one mile and one metre race for the Laura George trophy. Special thanks to Rose George, twice an English Channel solo swimmer, for sponsoring the race, named in honour of her mother. 

Geoff has now won this race twice, if he wins it a third time, he can bring Rose home for life.

And a special mention to Norm Jones for aesthetically upgrading his summer wardrobe. 

1993 Fahy Justin
1994 A. Woodward
1995 Saunders Peter
1996 A. Woodward
1997 Carter Eric
1998 Y. Saruhashi
1999 Ranson Geoff
2000 Jones Norman
2001 Stuttard Ian
2002 W. Alberti
2003 Price Neil
2004 Price Neil
2005 Jones Norman
2006 Titmuss Alan
2007 Deeley Andrew
2008 Hunte Emmi
2009 Buurman Andrew
2010 Dunn Matt
2011 Ferguson Will
2012 Wynn Michael
2013 Gilbert Mary
2014 Brian Thomas
2015 Ottavia Williams
2016 Ottavia Williams
2017 Mary Gilbert
2018 Geoff Ranson

Yours swimmingly

[John Tierney]