Andrew is a Jolly Fine Fuller

Andrew wins the Radford Mile Trophy

Thank you to Tony and Christine Radford for presenting the Radford Mile trophy to this year's winner, Andrew Fuller. Andrew also won the same race back in 1990.

The other places were filled by Liz Hurst, Alan Mitchell, Nicola Sanderson, John Luckhurst and Anne Mannix. They also received wonderfui prizes, all donated by Tony and Christine.

Andrew Fuller can add this one mile race win to some other prestigious results he achieved at the Serpentine, including the Christmas Day handicap back in 1990, and the Bridge to Bridge in 2012. Andrew's first win at Serps was possibly the Doug Smith Cup in 1988, some 30 years ago.

Andrew is part of an illustrious list of seriously talented swimmers to have won this beautiful one mile trophy.

Tony Radford joined Serpentine SC in 1963, and was a southern counties champion. His wins at Serps are many, and include two big races in one day, when he won the Serpentine bridge to bridge, and later that day he travelled to Brighton where he won the Brighton pier to pier race. Tony also won the Christmas Day race twice in 1967 and 1972 with a time over the distance of an impressive less than 60 seconds.

Christone Radford was also an excellent swimmer.

All prizes were kindly donated and presented by Tony Radford and his wife Christine .

Yours swimmingly

[John Tierney]

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