Thorpedo Stuttard vs Nick the Fish

Doggone larceny

Following on from his recent victory, Ian 'Thorpedo' Stuttard had a showdown to see with Nick the Fish to settle once and for all who is the best swimmer.

Electronic timing systems on the boards proved faulty, but photographic evidence proved that the fast reacting Thorpedo showed a clean pair of heels to Nick the fish.

Elsewhere in the the Paul Bridgeman Team Race which involved all the swimmers competing against other teams in a 4 x 55yard race.  The competition was won by James, Sally, Yoko and Olef.
 The event was not without controversy with one team going before their mark and then winning a place in the final with a finger touch, and one very successful team replacing two slower swimmers with faster ones for the final!

Below you will see Yvonne grinning when she belived Cyril was in with a chance (he wasn't), Ian Stuttard going in clearly before Nick Adams when given a worse handicap. However in the Cain vs Abel showdown, neither swimmer featured on the podium and it remains to be ascertained whether Adams really has the edge over Stuttard.

 Tony Cuthbert trying to stop Pippa Durrant from finishing her leg, and the final photo shows Gordon with the dog that we think he had stolen!