John, Karin and Nick defy the slight dip in temperature in the Club Championship whilst Saundra walks in water.

Nick by a neck joins John Sexton and Karin to win their heats in the Club Championship races.

In one week, the water temperature dipped by 3F to 36oF (2.2C) for the second of the five scratch races that count towards the Club Championship. John Sexton, Karin and Nick Adams took maximum points.
These scratch races are held over the course of the year, and the swimmer who has accumulated the most number of points is awarded the title of Club Champion. 
Scratch races where all swimmers start at the same time favour the best, but for fairness there were three races today: leisurely, medium and fast.

In the first race John Sexton was anything but leisurely as he stormed home to take the race. Whilst Sexton was winning, it was noted that Tony Cuthbert wasn't trying, and that Saundra was walking for some of the race! 

Backstroke seemed to be the fashion for the second race, with Karin doing the early leading. But 100 yards of cold water whilst staring at the London skyline was too much for her to maintain her speed and she slowed right down after halfway allowing the quiet crooner, Gordon Brodie to come through to win. 

The third race was a neck and Nick affair as Will and Nick Adams battled side by side. A final spurt gave Nick the edge and a narrow victory at the end.