Bridge to Bridge Sat 14th July - PARTICIPATING SWIMMERS
Thu, 05 Jul 2018

Starters for the 2018 Bridge to Bridge swim

Good Evening All,

I am writing to you as a member of the Bridge to Bridge subcommittee.  The other members being Dani Lobo, Norman Jones, George Cselko and Robin Hunter-Coddington.

The Bridge to Bridge is one of our ‘blue ribbon’ races, stooped in heritage, history and fondness.  It is a swim from one end of the lake to the other, a distance of around 1,000 yards often swimming at a distance far further from the safety of the bank than our usual races.  Safety is the #1 priority, so we need to limit those members permitted to swim to ensure they are capable to safely completing the distance. 

Currently members on the handicap list (at the bottom) will be given a B2B handicap and be permitted to swim.
If you are not on the handicap list and you believe a mistake has been made, or you’d like to be considered for addition to the list for the B2B, please email me with as much detail as possible by midnight on Friday 6th July.  The sub-committee will discuss all requests and get back to you on the weekend.  We cannot guarantee to consider requests received after midnight on Friday 6th July as it may not be possible to convene a sub-committee meeting after the weekend.

Many thanks for your support on making this year’s B2B as safe and fun as possible.

Big love

Adams Nick
Barron Mike
Blick Kevin
Bowman Stuart
Butt Jonathan
Campbell Fiona
Carter Eric
Cavanagh Jeremy
Charman Judith
Claircourt Shelley-Anne
Cleaver Anthony
Craske John
Cselko George
Cselko Katherine
Dale Jo
Daniels Paul
Deeley Andrew
Doyle Clare
Duffield Gary
Dunlop Shaun
Farmer Jan
Fearn Richard
Fischel-Bock Henry
Fischel-Bock Jaki
Fisher Robert
Frith Charlie
Fuller Andrew
Gerald Ted
Gilbert Mary
Goyos Anita
Grigoriou Elina
Guyot Cedric
Harling Leanne
Harris Mike
Hatcher Chris
Heller Bee
Hingley Sakura
Holmes Katie
Hungerford Nick
Hunte Emmi
Hunter Robin
Hurst Elizabeth
Johansen Mark
Johnson Angela
Johnston Matthew
Jones Norman
Jungnickel Kat
Kelly Jesse
Kelly Sean
Koch Volker
Lam Siufung
Larrad Peter
Latham Laure
Lenton Poppy
Lewis Rosemary
Lobo Daniel
Long Jonny
Luckhurst Alan
Luckhurst John
Luckhurst Linda
Luckhurst William
Lund Matt
Lythe James
Mannix Anne
Marshal Vanessa
Mavra Boris
Mavra Vanessa
McGregor David
Mitchell Alan
Morony Matthew
Murray David
Neal Jonathan
Newing Rod
Newman Katinka
Norton James
Olivari Mary
Olizar Mike
Ouldcott Rob
Outen Tim
Paxton Linda
Piccoli Simone
Ranson Geoff
Rock Victoria
Sanderson Nicola
Schiemann Jane
Schiemann Tony
Southey John
Tarma Jaana
Thomas Brian
Thorpe Victoria
Tierney John
Turner Haydn
Van der Heul Yvonne
Ward Deirdre
Webb Sarah
Whithers Oliver
Williams Octavia
Wynn Michael
Young Ros