The stunning Brockwell Lido

The stunning Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Swimmers are having a first and we are invited
Wed, 30 May 2018

Sign up quickly for the remaining slots for the first ever gala at Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Swimmers are having a first. 


On Thursday 31 May, you could be one of the keen Serpentine swimmers who takes part in the very first Spring Relays at Brockwell Lido

The Brockwell Lido Gala starts at 8pm, and with precision that Katie Ledecky would be proud of, will be completed by 9pm.

A bit like certain weddings, this is an invitation only event; and thankfully we're on the list.  

There will be a bit of something for everyone, so that means all and every Serpie is in with a shout. 

Older swimmers can take part in younger races, but not the other way round. And Serps will have their own specific race lane.

There will be a chance to meet our friends from Tooting and Spencer as well.

So, if you want to swim, be a time keeper or spectator, then please contact me

Awards will be presented at the Prince Regent Pub afterwards.

Find below the race schedule. 

No. Stroke Team Lengths Total Age
1 Freestyle 4 4 -120
2 Freestyle 4 4 120+
3 Breastroke 4 4 -120
4 Breastroke 4 4 120+
5 Medley 4 4 -120
6 Medley 4 4 120+
7 Squadron 10 10 Any