Sun, 12 Nov 2017


The Christmas Day handicap race for the Peter Pan cup is the Blue Ribbon event for those club members who compete regularly throughout the year. The race will be limited to the 60 swimmers.

In order to qualify for the race, you will need to:

  • be a full member of the Club with a minimum 3 years membership (if in doubt, we can confirm)
  • if you are on the handicap list before the start of the Winter Series, compete in at least 3 of the (8) Winter Series races
  • if you are NOT on the handicap list before the start of the Winter Series, compete in 6 of the Winter Series races
  • if you are unable to fulfil either of the Winter Series qualifying requirements apply for discretionary relief
  • have participated in a significant number of races during the year (which will determine the final selection)
  • have your name on the list to be published shortly before the xmas day race (to include reserves, let us know if you will not in fact take up your place)

Those members who do not qualify will be free to swim before or after the race but the water must be clear of swimmers at least 5 minutes before the start at 9.00am.

George Cselko, Hon. Secretary

Dani Lobo, Hon. Handicapper

on behalf of the Club Committee

29 October 2017

List of swimmers who qualified are as follows:

Christmas Day 2017 qualifiers

Hatcher Chris

Hungerford Nick

Ranson Geoff

Farmer Jan

Fuller Andrew

Outen Tim

Cleaver Anthony

Luckhurst John

Bowman Stuart

Jones Norman

Cselko Jessica

Mitchell Alan

Sanderson Nicola

Schiemann Tony

Daniels Paul

Lenton Poppy

Thomas Brian

Lewis Rosemary

Blick Kevin

Campbell Fiona

Claircourt Shelley-Anne

Harris Mike

McGregor David

Norton James

Southey John

Turner Haydn

Cselko George

Cselko Katherine

Fearn Richard

Fisher Robert

Jungnickel Kat

Mavra Boris

Adams Nick

Hurst Elizabeth

Vanderheul Yvonne

Deeley Andrew

Grigoriou Elina

Kelly Sean

Maeer Gareth

Frith Charlie

Gilbert Mary

Luckhurst William

Allwood Camilla

Hieatt-Smith Ben

Lam Siufung

Luckhurst Linda

Morony Matthew

Neal Jonathan

Wynn Michael

Cselko Phoebe

Luckhurst Alan

Garner Tony

Marshal Vanessa

Paxton Linda

Duffield Gary

Hunte Emmi

Rock Victoria

Tarma Jaana

Hingley Sakura

Johansen Mark

Kaczynska-Nay Eliza

Mannix Anne

Newing Rod

Olivari Mary

Todd Alice

Goyos Anita

Johnston Matthew

Kelly Cameron

Lythe James

McNamara Peter

Newton Jeremy

Olizar Mike

Williams Octavia

Harling Leanne

Cselko Gemma

Harris Lucy

Holmes Katie

Larrad Peter

Murray David

Brodie Gordon

Christie Alix

Leigh Edward

Neilson Kirstie

Ranson Matt

Thorpe Victoria