Venezuelan Flyin Trouser Crab

Venezuelan Flyin Trouser Crab

Rob works on his next big challenge
Sat, 11 Nov 2017

The plight of the Venezuelan flyin trouser crab

When @RobTheFatty gets involved in a project, he gives every ounce in his body to it. 

Perhaps this originated from growing up in South America when he lived in Venezuela?

Two challenges lie close to his heart currently, first the plight of the Venezuelan flyin trouser crab,  of which, Rob and Dr. Vanessa Mavra discussed the issues today.

This stemmed from Rob avidly pursuing the cause of the decline in the little crustacean by purchasing a pair of swimming trunks laden with the crabs. Vanessa used her unfeasibly large body of knowledge and medical experience to correctly identify the insect on Rob's pants. 

Rob has been persuading others to follow his cause, so please give your support to others who may join Rob in wearing the costume to highlight the plight of the declining Venezuelan trouser crab. 

And while writing, the other cause close to Rob’s heart is grammar and punctuation, and his despair at how the stunted gerund is used in society today. 

Keep up the great work Rob, the charity link will be updated once Rob provides the information.