Christmas Day Race List 2016
Sun, 25 Dec 2016

Club members who qualify for the Christmas Day race for the Peter Pan Cup


The Christmas Day race for the Peter Pan Cup will start at 9am prompt.  The list of those club members eligible to swim is shown below.  When eligible swimmers arrive at the Serpentine with festive Christmas cheer they should check-in with the Warden who will be sat at a desk and will receive a lovely white wrist band with red lettering and the club logo.  This is theirs’ to keep as a memento.  Only swimmers with the official wrist bands on will be allowed into the race.

Ladies will be allowed to change in the Lido building on Christmas morning.  It is requested that they keep the changing area tidy and take any rubbish away with them.  As with normal club requirements, no dogs/pets are allowed in either changing area -  be it the club room or the Lido building.

Your SSC Committee wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Members who qualify for the Christmas Day race


Adams Nick


Fischel-Bock Jaki


Koch Volker


Olizar Mike

Baresel Alex


Fisher Robert


Kovachich Pamela


Ouldcott Rob

Barron Mike


Frith Charlie


Lam Siufung


Outen Tim

Benton Jon


Fuller Andrew


Larrad Peter


Paxton Linda

Blick Kevin


Galberg Maia


Latham Laure


Ranson Geoff

Bowman Stuart


Garner Tony


Lenton Poppy


Ranson Matt

Campbell Fiona


Gilbert Mary


Lewis Rosemary


Rock Victoria

Carter Eric


Grigoriou Elina


Lobo Daniel


Sanderson Nicola

Cavanagh Jeremy


Guyot Cedric


Londsale Hugh


Schiemann Jane

Challinor Felicity


Harris Mike


Luckhurst Alan


Schiemann Tony

Claircourt Shelley-Anne


Hatcher Chris


Luckhurst John


Spencer Flora

Cselko Gemma


Heller Bee


Luckhurst Linda


Tarma Jaana

Cselko George


Hieatt-Smith Ben


Luckhurst William


Thomas Brian

Cselko Katherine


Holmes Katie


Marshal Vanessa


Tierney John

Cselko Phoebe


Hungerford Nick


Mavra Boris


Todd Alice

Dale Jo


Hunte Emmi


Mavra Danny


Treacher Geraldine

Daniels Paul


Hunter Robin


Mavra Vanessa


Turner Haydn

Deeley Andrew


Hurst Elizabeth


McGregor David


Vanderheul Yvonne

Dick Katrina


Jacobs Stene


McNamara Peter


Ward Deirdre

Doyle Clare


Johansen Mark


Mitchell Alan


Webb Sarah

Duffield Gary


Jones Ivan


Morony Matthew


Williams Octavia

Dyer Natasha


Jones Norman


Mould Sam


Wynn Michael

Emma Harrington


Jungnickel Kat


Murray David


Young Ros

Farmer Jan


Kaczynska-Nay Eliza


Neal Jonathan


Young Sean

Fern Richard


Kelly Cameron


Neilson Kirstie


Fischel-Bock Henry


Kelly Sean


Olivari Mary


Members who will qualify if they race on Saturday 24 December


Baker Anna


Baker Sam


Boyer Isabel


Challinor Fenella


Cleaver Anthony


Cselko Jessica


Maaer Garath


Nolan Fergal