Jones's Lucky Dip 'The Two Ronnies Cup' - 220yds - Handicapped

220yd Handicap Race

Sponsor: Norman Jones

Trophy: The Two Ronnies & Andrew Miller Cup

Ron Hamill, Ron & Andrew Miller

The three were active and popular members of the Serpentine and the Imperial College Sports centre now known as Ethos.

Ron Hamill worked as a commissionaire at the Royal Albert Hall and thanks to him the Serps members often enjoyed an unexpected night out.

Ron Miller was a plumber by trade but in his early years he toured Britain as a gymnast and photographs show him at the top of the tower during demonstrations. They were both incorrigible characters and once retired they both worked as lifeguards at the Sports Centre.

Andrew Miller, Ron’s son, followed in his Dad’s footsteps with his practical skills on the work front. He loved the fresh air of the Serps and the freedom of open water swimming. He too would spend time swimming and keeping the two supplied with endless cups of tea. He would look on at times and wonder who was the oldest of the three of them!

One day as Ron Hamill got out of the Serps he collapsed and stopped breathing. Ron Miller was able to put his lifesaving skills to the test and administer CPR. He managed to get him breathing again and after spending a few weeks in hospital Ron Hamill made a good recovery and went on to enjoy a few more years of swimming.

Ron Miller died of cancer and Andrew Miller tragically died while swimming in the sea off Brighton.

Those that knew them have many happy memories of time spent in their company.


2016 R. Ranson 
2015 R. Whittam 
2014 E. Carter
2013 A. Cleaver
2012 E. Hunte
2011 R. Whittam
2010 G. Brodie
2009 J. Reid
2008 R. Hunter
2007 M. Ranson
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